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 vision for Greener thumbs

Our vision at Greener Thumbs is to create a vibrant community of 1 million+ members to take 5 minutes each day to practice affirmations and relaxation techniques.  We strive to teach and empower children and adults to become more resilient and mindful. Our mission is to foster a more lovely world through offering practical daily practice so that we can all grow our greatness.

Life Before Greener Thumbs

From the cosmetic counters of major department stores to the colorful floor of a Las Vegas trade show or on a delivery truck in Greater Los Angeles, Holly Culbreth’s versatility knows no bounds. When people are your passion, the possibilities are endless.  Holly is an accomplished entrepreneur, sales leader, and interpersonal luminary. She is a nurturer fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit. Known to some as “Holly magic,” she can’t help but form sincere connections with everyone she meets. She firmly believes that exceptional teams deliver outstanding results.  Holly has conceived a career in which empathy guides growth.

Holly identifies, inspires, and mobilizes exceptional teams. Her versatility knows no bounds. From her 20 year career in field sales at Estée Lauder to her position as CEO of Santosa Delivery and VP of Sales for ASD Market Week at Emerald, Holly uses proven practices to ALWAYS deliver TOP results. 

Holly's "scout mindset" and curiosity focuses on understanding different perspectives instead of merely affirming one's own. She is determined to  grow greatness in the world, a vision where people come together to share, engage and allow. Holly's greener thumbs mission is growing greatness through self care, reflection and living into our shared connection with each other.