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Three Pillars of Health: A leader's Intentional Guide

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I was sitting enjoying a drink this weekend watching the fiery orange sun start to set, and I was reminded how many choices I have each day.  Taking quiet time out in my day is a tactic that I am choosing with intentionality.  It’s a simple pleasure that surprisingly turns into something quite productive in terms of clarity.   Quiet time allows me to contemplate and offers me the opportunity for more purposeful living.  This precious moment, where I take time out to sit back, put my legs up and enjoy a beautiful evening, leads to greater productivity because it allows me to create a clearer and clearer vision of what I want for my life.  


As a high-performance leader, I understand the importance of focusing the lens, especially when it comes to my health. Health is the foundation upon which my ability to lead, inspire, and perform is built. I want to share some insights on how I set my intentions around exercise, diet, and sleep.  I’ll share a few health choices that I make, demonstrate how the affirmations set the course and then coupled with my behaviors, feed exponential growth. Healthful affirmations begin the journey, behaviors follow and soon the positive experiences and benefits feed the loop and evolve my experience and life.


Setting intentions for our health is crucial for achieving and maintaining well-being. High-performance leaders are particularly adept at this, often having a clear vision of what “healthy” looks like for them. Studies show that 90% of top executives set specific health goals compared to just 60% of the general population (yay us!). Additionally, leaders with well-defined health intentions are 30% more likely to engage in regular healthy activities. By articulating their health aspirations, these leaders not only enhance their own performance but also set a powerful example for their teams, fostering a culture of wellness and productivity.


I’d like to share my affirmations that I live by for my life element of health.  I have these statements written down on my life element chart and posted on my vanity for easy reference to affirm as I spend time morning and night getting ready for the day and then for bed.  Here are my health life element affirmations:

I visualize my body thriving in perfect health, radiating energy and vitality.

Every day, I make choices that bring me closer to my healthiest self.

I see myself eating nourishing foods and engaging in joyful physical activities.

I feel the strength and flexibility in my muscles, the calm and clarity in my mind, and the peace and happiness in my heart.

I embrace this vision of health fully.

I am grateful for my body's ability to heal, grow, and flourish.

With each breath, I draw in the essence of health, and with each exhale, I release anything that no longer serves my well-being.

I am healthy, I am strong, and I am vibrant.

I am living my vision of perfect health, and I am profoundly grateful for it.

As we continue our journey towards better health, I am excited to introduce an upcoming blog series that will delve deeper into three pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for our next three blogs, where we will explore: how to expand exercise, leveling up diet choices and getting higher quality sleep.  Here's to growing greatness together.

*You can find our free Vision Board template on if you are interested in putting pen to paper for your own health affirmations.

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