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Three Pillars Of Health: Affirmations for Fitness

Affirmations and Exercise

Visualizations and Affirmations for Exercise
Affirmations for Exercise


This past weekend, as I sat enjoying a drink and watching the sun set over the hills of Glendale, CA, I was reminded of the simple pleasures that make life meaningful. Taking time out of my day for quiet contemplation has become a vital part of my routine, allowing me to set clearer and more intentional life goals. This tranquil practice complements my daily healthy habits, such as running in the scenic hills around my home, preparing nutritious Blue Apron meals for dinner and lunch, and engaging in bedtime rituals like gazing at the setting sun. These activities not only boost my physical health but also nurture my mental and emotional well-being, creating a harmonious balance in my life.


As a high-performance leader, I understand the importance of setting clear health intentions to sustain my ability to lead, inspire, and perform at my best. Health is the cornerstone upon which my routines are built. Studies show that 90% of top executives set specific health goals, and those with well-defined health intentions are more likely to engage in regular healthy activities. By articulating my health aspirations, such as maintaining a nutritious diet and regular physical activity, I not only enhance my own performance but also set a positive example for others. Each day, I make choices that align with my vision of health and vitality, affirming my commitment to a lifestyle that supports both personal and professional excellence.


This is part two in a four-part blog series around maximizing health as a life element.  Setting clear intentions about what health looks like and feels like has been vital to me to bring my health vision to reality.  I have created my vision of “perfect” health,  because I have visualized it.  I have affirmed it.  I am living it.  Let’s look at exercise, one key component of health. 


Exercise is a non-negotiable in my routine. However, it’s not just about the time I spend in the gym or the miles I run; it’s about the choices I make within those activities. After a vigorous walk or run, I often find myself at a crossroads: do I add a few pushups, or do I call it a day? The decision is symbolic of a broader mindset. Adding those extra pushups is a commitment to going the extra mile, pushing past comfort, and embracing growth. It’s about recognizing that small, consistent efforts lead to significant results over time. Each pushup represents a step towards resilience and strength, not just physically, but mentally as well.  I’m met the next day, week, and month with great outcomes.  That mild soreness the next day, the more toned shoulders and back that I delight me in the morning mirror and the sudden ability to add 10 more pushups are little glimmers that are introduced all because I made my mind up to bring a bit more to my exercise routine. Those moments just add proof that the extra effort pays off in so many ways.


Often, I dedicate a few minutes to sit quietly and visualize my ideal exercise experience, focusing on what I want my body to look like, feel like, and what I want it to be able to do. This practice is more than just daydreaming; it’s a deliberate and focused effort to manifest my fitness goals. I imagine myself running effortlessly through the hills of Glendale, my muscles strong and responsive, my breath steady and deep. I envision the changes I want to see in my physique, particularly the definition in my legs and core. This daily visualization not only sets a clear intention for my workouts but also keeps me motivated and aligned with my health goals.


After my visualization sessions, I often take a moment to look at myself in the mirror, noting the areas where I want to see improvements. One particular focus has been my gluteal muscles. Despite my regular running routine, I realized that this core muscle group was not as engaged as it should be. Running alone was not sufficient to target my glutes effectively, so I incorporated exercises like glute bridges and squats into my regimen. These exercises have been transformative, helping to strengthen and tone my glutes, thereby improving my overall running performance and posture.


In my visualization, I also think about how I want my clothes to feel on my body. It’s important for me that my clothes are comfortable, breathable, and fit well without being too tight or too baggy. I imagine myself wearing fabrics that move with me, enhancing my performance rather than hindering it. This attention to detail in my visualization extends beyond aesthetics; it’s about feeling good in my skin and confident in my appearance. The right clothing can make a significant difference in how I feel throughout my workouts and my daily activities.


My commitment to health and fitness is not just for personal gratification; it’s also for the people I lead. As the leader of a team of delivery associates in the greater Los Angeles area, I understand the physical demands of the job. My team members spend hours climbing in and out of vans, delivering heavy packages, and navigating staircases in old apartment buildings. I want to be a role model for them, someone who can lift 50-pound boxes with ease and keep up with the physical demands of the job. By maintaining my health and fitness, I am able to perform my duties effectively and inspire my team to prioritize their own health.


A personal story that stands out to me is when I first started leading my team. I remember the day we had a particularly challenging delivery route with multiple heavy packages and numerous flights of stairs. Seeing my team members handle the physical strain with such resilience motivated me to ensure I could do the same. I wanted to be there for them, to share in the challenges and successes, and to lead by example. My dedication to my fitness routine has allowed me to do just that, making me a stronger leader and a healthier, more energetic individual.


In summary, my journey of visualizing and achieving my ideal exercise experience is deeply personal and multifaceted. It involves daily visualization, targeted exercises, and a focus on feeling comfortable and confident. It’s driven by my desire to lead by example and support my team’s physical demands, ultimately creating a healthier and more balanced life for myself and those around me.  

*If you would like to practice with our affirmations for exercise, check out our TAKE 5 audio here your visualizations to life regarding exercise, you can find our free Vision Board template on if you are interested in putting pen to paper for your own health affirmations.

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