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Our mission is to foster a more lovely world through offering practical daily affirmation, mindfulness, and relaxation practices. At Greener Thumbs, we empower high-performing individuals and visionary leaders to expand their potential and forge meaningful connections within a thriving community. We provide strategic affirmation, relaxation, and advanced mind-body techniques that empower our members to excel and lead with purpose.

Our vision at Greener Thumbs is to create a vibrant community of 1 million+ members that take 5 minutes each day to practice affirmations, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. We are a collective power of like-minded winners, where ambition meets community. Greener Thumbs fosters growth, innovation, and positive change for a more lovely world.

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Daily Affirmation

Read and say aloud daily affirmation

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The Power of Affirmations: Attracting Goodness into Your Life and Growing Greatness, a free eBook introduction.

Vision Board

"I took my blood pressure TWICE after the meditations, and it was the lowest it has been in YEARS! I am blown away. My efforts were SPECTACULARLY rewarded! I feel the most calm and peaceful that I have in AGES."

Leigh, Richmond, VA
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